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New Trophies for the World's Best Advertising

New York Festivals World’s Best Advertising™ new trophies’ created by Sagmeister & Walsh are inspired by New York’s classic Art Deco skyscrapers. These iconic trophies are cast in aluminum and powder-coated in monochromatic colors. The trophies will range in size from 8 to 14 inches (203 to 355 mm) and allow award-winners to create their own multidimensional version of the New York City skyline in their trophy case.

New York Festivals new revolutionary trophies allow for unlimited credits. The credits, projected from the bottom of the trophy roll upwards just like in feature films. You can list the names of everyone involved in the selling, creation and execution of the ad.

New York Festivals’ dynamic new trophy has immediately become a revered symbol of creative achievement that pays tribute to the most celebrated advertising campaigns and their creators from around the globe, and continues New York Festivals® tradition, innovation, and 59-year commitment to honoring creative excellence and the World’s Best Advertising®.

Enter the 2016 New York Festivals International Advertising Awards for your chance to take home the industry's most talked about award. Final Deadline to Enter: January 31st, 2016.