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Creative Preview: 2017 World’s Best Advertising “V Skills-Smoke Bombing”

By NYF | February 10, 2017

TKT Sydney Branded Content "V Skills-Smoke Bombing Launches V Energy Drink’s Essential Life Lessons For Millennials

It’s not often that an energy drink serves up vital life lessons to its frequent drinkers, V Energy Drink does just that, targeting Millennials in their branded content entry “V Skills-Smoke Bombing.” The entry, created by TKT Sydney, lays out essential lessons on the overlooked skill of smoke bombing.

The agency recruited YouTube megastars RackaRacka on behalf of V Energy Drink to share a series of extreme party dodging tips for those awkward party escape moments. The lessons start out with simple enough with easy follow to tips, fake a phone call, fake an emergency and if all else fails—Smoke Bomb! The escape escalates to a full on Hollywood-style SWAT team rescue effort complete with blown off doors, with extraction by the SWAT team and an escape via a rope ladder and helicopter lift off.

The entry expands on the brand’s platform “the Massive Hit that improves you a bit” and offers instructions on how to “be a bit better at life” and Skill Up. V Skills offers 24 essential life lessons printed on 14 million cans across the country. A simple scan of the can with a Smartphone provides an entertaining how-to guide on everything school forgot to teach you.

Credits Include:

Paul Nagy - Executive Creative Director

Ben Clare, Brendan Willenberg - Creative Directors

Ollie Beeston, James Beswick - Creatives

Cate Stuart-Robertson - Founding Director

Hanne Haugen - Senior Account Director

Marshall Campbell - Senior Account Manager

Rob Dougan - Planning Director

Dan Mortensen - Head of Design

John Pannocchia - Creative Agency Producer

Phillipa Thomas - Public Relations Group Account Director

OMD - Media Partner

Kapwa - Production partners

Robertino Zambrano - Director